I’m old enough to remember sales training courses in the eighties and nineties that focused on asking the right type of question at the right time, body language and positioning and ABC – always be closing.

In 2016, all of this is still valid but we are expected to perform in multiple and different arenas , be always on and compete with increased competition both online and offline. If we’re smart then our marketing is working and we can pay attention to our conversion rates.

How can we improve our sales and conversion rates?

Every business is different and restricted by the resources available to it. With 80% of small businesses in the UK working as solo-preneurs, sales-conversion becomes yet another hat and often one the entrepreneur is unaccustomed to wearing. Conversion has also entered the business vocabulary with the proliferation and increasing dominance of online selling.

The starting point is simply to stop and assess.

I have developed a 21 point assessment process that pulls apart your sales and conversion process  and provides the business owner with an initial action plan for improvement.

I like to keep things simple.

The assessment can be done online or via conference call if there’s a sales team involved.

You can find more information on how the sales and conversion package works and how much it costs here.

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