What is marketing?

Ten years ago, you could not move the office door in the morning for the weight of flyers and direct mail. Your top drawer was full of business cards and brochures and a small number of people in the USA were playing with a website called ‘the Facebook’. Marketing was shotgun; hopeful; printed ; expensive.

How things change.

I need [more] customers – what do I do?

Marketing done well will provide your business with more of the right types of leads, prospects and customers, creating more profit and enabling sustainable growth.

A bad or non-existent marketing plan with the wrong strategy and tactics can become a money pit with no results or worse, suffocate the business by creating an over-trading scenario.

Marketing by it’s very nature and purpose is funny, sexy, alluring and distracting, as much to the target audience as it is to the creator. Before you become bedazzled, you have to do the hard yards and focus on your business plan and what it is you need to achieve, what you can afford to do and how best to do it.

Having worked with over 500 businesses, I can reassure any business owner that every business needs to improve its marketing activity and results. It is also essential that you view marketing not as something that you do to create sales for your sales team but as an integral ‘broadcast’ tool that connects your team, customers, brand, products, vision and purpose and does this digitally and offline.

Simple translates as ‘I get it, my team gets it, it’s affordable, doable and measurable and will get us the results we want’.

There are three key steps to this –

  • Put the effort in to defining what it is you are trying to achieve – more revenue, better margins, improved awareness, brand credibility, customer relationships, digital and social presence, whichever and whatever combination you need.
  • Plan 12 months ahead on a month to month basis. Break this down into budget, activity and outcome.
  • Focus on three key areas – your brand, in-direct marketing activity and direct marketing activity.

There are a few key tools within this that will help you going forward, such as CRM software, an email newsletter subscription, a mobile friendly website and a social media management platform.

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