Leadership and management are different disciplines to master as a business owner. Imagine a hybrid of Sir Winston Churchill and Sir Alex Ferguson – you’re the ‘follow me’ guy and then you’re the coach, getting the best from your team on a one-on-one basis.

That’s an extreme example but, as a business owner, you know how many hats you’re wearing and you’ve probably worked out that you could do better at both leadership and management.

Leadership & Management coaching.

As much as you, my prospective client, wear many hats, I too will need to don a few myself. Often referred to as ‘executive coaching’ I’ll be wearing my coaching hat, advisor hat and mentor hat. There’s also the need for a plan, suited to you or your candidate manager, aligned to what you’re trying to achieve.

There are typically three stages to the process which i’ve outlined below. I’ve also included a few free resources for you to use regardless of whether you choose to engage with me.

In my experience, it is often tricky to articulate the actual need(s) when it comes to leadership and management coaching and mentoring.

To get the process started, I’ve developed a framework that will, hopefully, bring out some of the key areas that need improvement or review. The discussion initiated by your responses to this assessment will form the basis of the tailored development plan.

One the tailored plan has been created, a series of one hour meetings will be set up, each with a specific purpose mind.

Typically, there are likely to be 7 meetings over a period of thirteen weeks and each one is detailed in the plan. In between these meetings, there will be reading and exercises to undertake, including some e-learning.

We’ll conclude the process at the end of week thirteen and assess the success in improving your skills around leadership and management. This concluding process will also provide some additional objectives for you to continue with.

Because of the nature of the relationship, often a strong bond develops between the coach and client such that ongoing support is requested beyond the initial three weeks.

I am more than happy to provide this and again experience suggests that a bi-monthly session can help keep the personal development and achievement with week 13 objectives on track. Again, there is a clear need for this ongoing support in SME’s where there is no pathway to in-house mentoring or support.

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