The finance of small business.

Back in 2006, whilst running my business advisory practice in Christchurch, New Zealand, we moved our accounting software from MYOB to XERO, a new start up company providing ‘cloud’ accounting software.

So what?

Well, the point of telling you this is –

  • EVERY business owner needs to be able to see how they are going at any time and on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.
  • EVERY business owner can keep their accounting costs down by doing the donkey work  – transactions and reconciliation – themselves, simply.
  • EVERY business owner needs to be able to bill clients simply and promptly.

Keeping cash flowing through the business and staying cash flow positive positions the business for growth. Nominal growth each year keeps you ahead of inflationary increases in the cost of doing business.

You need current and exact financial information that is accessible when you need it. That’s how good decisions are made.

Finance and how I can help you.

Now, there are lots of options in terms of accounting software and [some] accountants have changed their business model and moved with the times.

I have helped 20% of my clients (99 to be exact) find an easier and more affordable way of managing their accounts. Often this has involved changing accountants too, or finding a book keeper and in some instances recruiting a financial controller. All aimed at improving the financial performance of the business and in turn its financial position. Finance, not accounting.

I am not an accountant [see FAQ] which is a good thing. I can help you find the right combination of software, accountant and supporting resources for your business and I’m completely impartial. I’ll suggest 3 options in all cases and allow you to make the decision you feel is best for you.

I can also help you if you’re looking for finance or investment, are restructuring your financial position or you simply need a 2nd opinion on what your best option[s] are going forward.

Ordinarily, I will advise a client on this area of the business as part of my work with them across all aspects of the business [A good example is where we are improving the financial reporting and online activity and need to improve the connection between the two by changing the software, which then focuses attention on getting the right accounting support].

However, I can help you by spending an hour assessing your current and future needs and providing you with advice, guidance and recommendations on your options, if you prefer.

You can book a one hour meeting with me here and I’ve included more information on what’s involved and pricing here.

If you are trying to find a better fit for your business in terms of accounting software or an accountant, I would suggest that you use the two documents below to help you better define and prepare.

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