Define business growth.

As well as those other certainties in life – death and taxes –  I can also assure you that, as a business owner, you will be contacted by an organisation that claims to be able to help you grow your sales/revenue/income. It will happen.

What you probably understand already is that simply increasing sales/revenue/income does not directly grow your business. That is a more complex objective altogether.

Understanding your current financial and non-financial position (a situational balance sheet) by means of a Business Growth Assessment is the catalyst for developing a plan to grow.

Zero growth will impact your business harder than you may think. The costs of doing business invariably go upwards and not downwards.

A plan for business growth.

It’s much more than increased sales. There’s a well used expression ‘turnover is vanity. Profit is sanity’. Improving profitability does not necessarily mean increased turnover, it might mean the opposite. Growing the bottom line, the return to shareholders and investors, the quality and size of your team, reinvesting retained earnings in expansion, improving positive cash flow, brand awareness, customer reviews – these are all aspects of business growth.

I have devised an assessment process that, with a combination of a pre-meeting questionnaire and a one hour online session with you, I’ll be able to ascertain your present business position and your ability to grow. It’s worthwhile mentioning here that the inevitability of the situation most business owners find themselves in means that the window of opportunity may have passed and some restorative work may be required to re-positon the business for growth. Equally and moreover due to external influences (competitors, market shift, location demise, lack of online presence) some businesses are not capable of growth.

Whatever the outcome, I would suggest an initial one hour business growth assessment meeting is sufficient.

Subject to the outcome of our initial meeting, the next step would be to begin a 13 week business growth program. Briefly, this entails;

  • A pre-meeting questionnaire for you to complete.
  • One hour business assessment via Skype / Go To Meeting.
  • Ready for growth assessment*
  • Structured 13 week action plan.
  • Growth management toolkit.
  • Business Plan – growth model.
  • Follow up meetings at weeks 5, 9 and 13.

*This will have been covered in the initial one hour meeting. However, if you have purchased the Business Growth program before being assessed and are not ready for growth, the larger part of the fee you have paid will be reimbursed [see Terms and Conditions].

Business Growth Program


The business growth program is designed with affordability in mind.

Keeping the cost down by reducing the amount of time a business advisor needs to be involved brings with it the important added benefit of the client – you – being able to master the process ‘hands on’ and know that you have the option of referring back to your advisor if you need to.

This means that, when the next point in the business life cycle is reached, you’ll be able to take the challenge on indecently, referring back to what was previously learned and experienced.

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