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Tourism Business [1]


One key element to the projected success of a client project is having a motivated, attentive, flexible and supportive client who is clear on what they want and what they don’t want.

My client was referred to me by a past client and immediately came across as ticking all of the boxes above.

He had a huge list of goals he wanted to achieve, so long that eventually three of my colleagues also worked on the project. Essentially, he wanted to;

  • Improve the returns from the business’ main contracts.
  • Build the tourism aspects of the business.
  • Improve the team and the vehicle fleet.
  • Create a website that would promote the business to an international market.
  • Launch a new destination tourism venture.
  • Improve the business systems and reporting.
  • Develop a strategic plan and a comprehensive marketing plan.


Guys….we’re going to need a bigger boat…..


Eventually we created a team of four people plus other ad hoc external contractors in order to bring the change plan together, implement it and produce the improvements the client demanded.

Key deliverables were;

  • A strategic plan.
  • A marketing plan.
  • Financial budgets and forecasts.
  • A new website and marketing material.
  • Role definition and recruitment systems.
  • A more effective management structure.
  • Launching a new tourism venture.


A great team effort.

  • The business produced a much improved level of profitability.
  • New business increased.
  • Non-profitable contracts were terminated.
  • The client decided he actually preferred to be working in the business.
  • A support team was put in place to work with the client going forward.

One other outcome of the project was that it enhanced our reputation within the business district for being able to think differently and get results.