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Architect [1]


A well respected and award winning Architectural Design practice.

I met my client via a business networking breakfast group and we’d had a couple of coffees and several chats about his business and what he wanted to achieve before I was engaged.

My client was very keen to;

  • Improve his returns from the business (employing 3 people at the time).
  • Reduce his own personal workload.
  • Improve the gearing in the business and remove debt.
  • Bring in new clients better suited to his range of work and interests.
  • Get back to enjoying having a business.

After an initial series of meetings and ‘pulling up the rug’ we developed a workable plan to achieve these goals.


It is critically important to maintain focus on what you’re trying to achieve and not get too debilitated by the changes that are happening.


Some of the canes made included;

  • Reducing the staffing levels from 3 to 1 to 0.
  • Improving the website and the analytics behind it.
  • Creating a client newsletter.
  • Re-capitalising and removing debt.
  • Tendering for a new design project in Central China.
  • Being prepared to turn away the wrong type of client/work.
  • Taking regular overseas holidays.


A successful outcome in spite of some major pitfalls.

During the business relationship, my client and I became firm friends and navigated the business through a series of events that included the global financial crisis, a major series of earthquakes and the property development collapse in China.

Today, he has brought in new investment to the company and new people and allows the business to be run by an MD whilst he focuses on design, the thing he really, truly loves to do.