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Digital Media Company [1]


We want to get through the first 5 years

In the four countries where I’ve helped small businesses [New Zealand, UK, Australia & Canada] the large majority don’t make it to their fifth birthday and for a wide variety of reasons.

My client, in fact a web design & development company, began life with 2 people, a lot of experience in graphic design and an idea that they could create a new type of web company to meet the increasing demand for this service from SME’s.


Let’s be clear on who we are and what we do and with whom we do it.

The dilemma for most founders in most start ups is ‘should we take the business or should we stick to our guns’. This is quite simply solved by common sense – ‘you need the revenue, try and make it work, learn when it goes wrong and keep working on getting the right sort of customer’.

The key aspects of the business model developed for this client [this is just at the time that Alexander Osterwalder was developing his business model canvas] revolved around;

  • We are clear on who we want to do business with.
  • We will do everything we can to generate referrals.
  • We will exceed the norm in terms of service whenever we can.
  • We will deliver on time and budget.
  • We will focus on our local market and recruit well.


Point proven.

  • Today they employ more than 30 staff and have clients nationwide.
  • They have won numerous awards and plaudits for their service, growth, business acumen and design.
  • They are still working hard on the little things.