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Consulting Company [1]


Starting with a bang!


I’ve worked with a number of ‘consultants’ and in that I include those brave enough to venture out on their own and practice in fields such as recruitment, marketing, cry-writing, surveying, real estate, accounting and tax, business coaching, psychology and others.

I originally met two of the three clients when we shared office space and they contacted me when they had started to form the basis of a new recruiting business.

Initially, we needed;

  • A business plan.
  • A brand identity.
  • A niche within a pretty swamped market [low barriers to entry].
  • Premises.
  • Support staff.
  • A workable lead generation system and sales process.

There were also challenges around the dynamics of the three founders and the ownership structure.


Simple stuff works best.

We developed a working business plan and brand identity plus all of the paraphernalia required to begin networking, finding and converting leads and generating revenue.

Individual roles for the founders were developed and each began developing their own specific niche in the market.

Premises were secured and support staff hired after the first years’ trading.

Hard decision were made an a sustainable business model with growth potential was developed by the time that my engagement had come to an end.


A few bumps along the way.

  • Two of the founders moved on to other things, both preferring the security of employment.
  • The original founder worked hard in the business and are a team to support her.
  • The business was easily able to pay salary and make a profit for reinvestment,
  • The business plan was refined and honed at every opportunity.
  • The business has gone on to expand into the capital city and win several awards, including being listed as a Deloitte’s Fast 50 company.