Finance & Accounting

In every case, having a sound understanding of what your numbers are now and what you need them to be going forward is pivotal in improving and growing your business.

Are you an accountant?

No, I’m not an accountant, I’m a business advisor. I can however make recommendations for you if you are looking for an accountant or you can use the ICAEW [Institute of Chartered Accountants England & Wales] website.

Can you help me develop budgets & forecasts?

Of course I can. I’ll help you create and manage these in the format that’s most appropriate for you and your business.

I need to raise finance, can you help?

Yes. I can help you prepare for and approach your bank and other lenders ; advise on debtor financing options and help you plan to raise investment via crowdsourcing and equity options.

Do I need software to run my accounts?

That depends on your and your business. ‘Cloud’ software accounting solutions are very reasonably priced these days, with some at zero cost. We’ll have a free product list and comparison on the site soon [March 2016].

Marketing & Sales

Whether it’s embracing digital or bringing in a new sales person, there are best practices, tools and resources that will help you improve the success of your marketing and sales process.

Will you do my marketing for me?

No, that’s best left to you, your own team or a contracted marketing assistant. I can help you develop and execute the strategy and tactics best suited to your business and create a plan and budget. It’s more cost effective to use existing or contracted resources after this has been done.

Do you do websites?

Again, developing a concept and finding the right Digital Media Company or DIY options would be the best use of my expertise. For more information, search ‘consulting’ on this site.

Can you help me sell?

Yes, absolutely. I can improve your skills in selling and develop your team. I’m not a ‘sales gun for hire’ however.

Can you train our team?

Yes, absolutely. We have developed one to one and group training sessions including e-learning and webinars.

Leadership & Management

If you’re aiming to employ people, improving your leadership and management skills is vital. Even if you’re a solopreneur, these skills will help with decisions making, planning and networking.

How do I become a better manager?

This is where training supported by coaching and mentoring has the best impact and return on investment. Creating the right plan for you and your team is a core skill of mine.

Do I need qualifications?

In my opinion, experience and mentoring outweigh formal qualifications. However, if you feel that achieving an award would help your confidence, there are numerous options via some of the professional bodies of which I am a Fellow or Member.

Do you do Executive Coaching?

Yes, this service is available although not promoted through this site. That’s because there needs to be a clear understanding and potential to form a working relationship between the coach and the executive.

Can you help my team?

Of course. I would normally start with an initial assessment of the current effectiveness of your management team and follow this with individual and group development plans.

Business Growth

Profitable and sustainable business growth takes more than increased revenue, new employees and a better website. I can help you understand, plan for and implement growth in your business.

Do I need to grow?

Yes, every business needs to grow the bottom line by around 2-3% minimum to keep ahead of the increasing costs of being in business. Improved profitability is more important than simple top line revenue growth.

Can I achieve this quickly? I'm desparate!

In my experience, most business owners aim for growth as a reaction to poor business performance and unexpected external impact. There are some methods of instantly increasing revenue but sustainable and profitable business growth is much more complex.

Can you help with recruitment?

Yes, but only along the ‘teach a man to fish…..’ principle, I am not a recruitment consultant although I have advised and mentored recruitment companies.

Do I need a full blown business plan?

Hardly ever! Much better that you work with someone who can help you distil things down to a one page plan summarising your business moving forward and a one page action plan covering the things you need to do to get there. Back this up with your numbers and you’re half way there.

Business & Strategic Planning

Profitable and sustainable business growth takes more than increased revenue, new employees and a better website. I can help you understand, plan for and implement growth in your business.

Can you write my business plan?

No. That’s not a service I’m interested in providing for 2 reasons – I don’t have the time and you won’t learn anything about the process if you sub the job out.

Do I need a strategic plan?

Possible not but some business owners who are aiming to make dramatic change to their business will need a strategic plan, usually a working document with a timeline, milestones, key themes and tactical plan.

Do I need software?

Again, depends upon the purpose. You can find some free resources on this site which might help and you can always arrange a meeting/call with me to discuss what you need.

Help! How do I do the numbers for my plan?

See the FAQ’s for accounting software, most of these programs will help you prepare the numbers to support your business plan.

Exit – Succession or Sale

Profitable and sustainable business growth takes more than increased revenue, new employees and a better website. I can help you understand, plan for and implement growth in your business.

How do I value my business?

As with most things, it’s not simple and clear cut and there are a number of methods that might be used. We’ll publish a help guide on this site soon [March 2016]. In the meantime, you can always call me or email me.

What's a buy in?

There are a number of ways of disposing of equity in your business whether it’s to internal or external investors [maybe your staff or new business partners]. It may not be an outright sale and is another option to consider.

What is succession planning?

It’s basically preparing the business for transition to the next generation, particularly where the family retains ownership. It can be quite fraught as there’s a mother set of dynamics involved and it can be quite emotional.

Can you help us prepare to sell our business?

Yes I can. Our initial discussions will help to define the extent of work and the best process for us to follow.