08:00 – 18:00

Monday to Friday

45 Newhall Street,

Birmingham B3 3QR

08:00 – 18:00

Monday to Friday

45 Newhall Street,

Birmingham B3 3QR

Andy Collyer – entrepreneur.

After 15 years in the Financial Services industry, mostly in Germany and as Operations Director, I decided to apply what I had learned and start my own business. Since 2001, I have started, grown, invested in and sold several businesses in the UK and New Zealand.

I currently own and run two companies in the UK. Salveus provides digital sales and marketing services to software companies in 21 countries and is based in London. The Small Business Advisor Co, based in the Impact Hub Birmingham, is focused on developing more effective and more affordable products and services for all business owners.

Having retained some advisory clients in several countries and having received a number of requests over the past 12 months for advice and support in the UK, this site, andycollyer.com,  was launched in February 2016.

Client types in % terms

Solopreneurs 24.5%
Professional Services 23.5%
Retail 10.2%
Manufacturing 9.2%
Software 7.6%
Digital Media 7.2%
Building & Construction 4.4%
Automotive 3.6%
Tourism 3.0%
Printing 2.7%
Wine 1.8%
Agribusiness 1.4%
Education 1.4%

Clients assisted

  • Agribusiness – 7
  • Automotive – 18
  • Building & Construction – 22
  • Digital Media – 36
  • Education – 7
  • Manufacturing – 46
  • Printing – 14
  • Professional Services – 118
  • Retail & e-commerce- 51
  • Software – 38
  • Solopreneurs – 121
  • Tourism – 15
  • Wine – 9

According to my records, there are around 300 prospective clients that either I chose not to work with or they weren’t prepared to engage my services.

My Team

I am fortunate to have the support of my colleagues in providing these services. We operate a ‘distributed’ workforce, which is to say we are a collection of self-employed and motivated individuals who collaborate and support each other in developing, launching and growing our own ventures.

Andy Collyer

Advisor & Founder
I am based in Birmingham and available to meet with clients in the UK. I also have other roles, as founder of the Small Business Advisor Company and Salveus Global.

Lena Grainger

Client Support
Lena is based in Cambridge and is responsible for client support. Should you ever have any questions regarding meetings, actions or invoices, Lena is here to help.

Clemency Jones

Clem is the bridge between the UK team and our associates in several other countries around the world. She works across all of our businesses and development projects.

Maruf Binzamin

Maruf is a specialist researcher in business intelligence on the SME sector in the UK and beyond. He also takes on special projects that are often for specific clients of ours.